Be the Better You

rumi2-1024x683You’ve changed.

Every one of us have heard this, haven’t we? It will catch up to if you haven’t. It’s actually funny and annoying at the same time when you get to hear this from people who have known you your whole life or have been there at least for more than two years.
People don’t change, their choices do. That’s what I will say. You can disagree. 🙂

People evolve into better or bitter people. Simple as that. Some people are born to just pay bills and die like it’s supposed to be. However there are people who pause, look around, wander and try to figure themselves out. Once they’ve done that, they know who they are and what they want or need.
If someone tells you’ve changed then know they are exactly those people who die regretting their whole life. Don’t be one of them. Don’t let people who hold you back stay in your life. You are born to grow. Keep growing. Change is the only thing constant. Be the better you! 🙂


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